ÁngelTouch Beauty Reiki Studio a dream that came into reality and began back in 2007. The idea of conventional beauty treatments was not enough for people’s entire wellbeing, so the idea was born. Create a NEW infused regimen with a touch of the metaphysical world, pampering the mind, body and spirit.

We believe that “beauty starts from within and radiates outwards” and that has been our focus for many years prior to the initial conception of ÁngelTouch Beauty Reiki Studio.

After years of working and being linked to the “beauty industry”, it became apparently clear that no matter how much men and women spent on beauty treatments and hours at the gym, they were unable to reach their full potential in a harmonious way that would allow happiness and satisfaction to flow into their lives. Their inner emotions, low self-esteem, sadness, anger, stress and similar negative emotions kept them searching outwards for answers to their life long search for balance, happiness and peace. It was then that the idea came to be and merged these worlds together rendering beauty services with the touch of spirituality.

We belief that the marriage of these two worlds, the fantastic and fun world of Cosmetology and the awesome, Mystical Metaphysical world; is an awesome union. In one aspect, it aids everyone and allows one to reach levels that will leave one feeling positive, energetic, happy, at peace and with the knowledge that we are all a part of this fantastic planet.

In another aspect, the enhancement of beauty treatments while working on the Metaphysical aspect aids in attaining a more positive self-esteem, allowing NEW beginnings of spiritual growth, thus celebrating acceptance of the self in all aspects.



My name is Ángela L. Qare; I am happy and humbled to have been granted the opportunity to make one of my biggest passions come to be and share it with all of you my beloved clients. ÁngelTouch Beauty Reiki Studio is my baby and such a rewarding spiritual endeavor that I have taken in my personal life and otherwise.

As a child and all throughout my life up until present, I have always been attracted, attached and around the mystical, awesome world of Metaphysics. Although back in my childhood, teenage years and my twenties; I was not aware that some of the experiences and gifts that have been bestowed upon me, where part of the Metaphysical world. It has been an awesome journey learning and continuously expanding my knowledge and growing as a being of light and love.

My life completely changed (100%) after receiving my first initial Reiki session many years ago, it aided me to focus on the positive aspects of the gifts that have been bestowed upon me and to be able to hone in on the path that is right for my life. I have learned what my true purpose is in this life time and what I needed to do to accomplish that purpose. The awesome thing is; that it is an ongoing journey of movement, growth and a never ending state which always keeps me moving forward, changing and opening NEW doors for self-improvement and more.

I am so humbled to have been able to receive my initial Angelic Reiki certification-[June 10, 2007] and to be followed by my Angelic Reiki Master’s certification-[January 27, 2013], it has been a tremendous huge light guiding me to wonderful, fulfilling experiences and an awesome way for my own self-discovery, allowing me to put my little grain aiding our fantastic planet and reaching many to aid themselves for their greatest good in their personal lives.

While no one is the sole owner of the truth, the possibilities are endless, awesome, awakening and totally beautiful to fathom. I invite all of you to join in on the awesome, blissful journey!

Call me any time and let’s discuss your needs, allow your transformation to begging.

Wishing all of you love and light, always!